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Series Circuit Transformers

We Manufacture toroidal shape Isolating Transformers regularly used in all airfield lighting applications

The following transformers are manufactured in compliance with FAA, ICAO & IS.

Rated Wattage Rated Current
25W 6.6/6.6A 20A/6.6A 50Hz 5KV
30W 6.6/6.6A 20A/6.6A 50Hz 5KV
45W 6.6/6.6A 20A/6.6A 8.3A/6.6A 50Hz 5KV
65W 6.6/6.6A 20A/6.6A 8.3A/6.6A 50Hz 5KV
100W 6.6/6.6A 20A/6.6A 50Hz 5KV
150W 6.6/6.6A 20A/6.6A 50Hz 5KV
200W 6.6/6.6A 20A/6.6A 8.3A/6.6A 50Hz 5KV
300W 6.6/6.6A 20A/6.6A 50Hz 5KV

Frangible Wind Direction Indicator

Externally and Internally illuminated wind direction indicator suitable for airport and helipad operations.

Current Ballast

Current Ballast for series circuit lighting systems.
ERTL Certified: ERTL(N)/90(4)-(2011-12)/C0649
Rating:1/2.8-6.6 Amps Suitable for Runway/Taxiway Signboards upto 58Watt Rluorescent lamp.


  • ESNA Connectors
  • Breakable Couplings
  • Consumable Gaskets
  • Secondary Leads
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